Martin and Laco - Screen Test RAW

We have Martin Dorcan's Screentest, with Laco Meido. Martin is standing in front of the mirror rubbing his rather large bulge, wearing only his u nderwear. As he rubs it he is joined by Laco and they begin to kiss. Laco drops to his knees, kissing Martin's sexy body and then lowering his underwear too. That releases Martin's cock and balls and Laco is quick to start sucking on the dick. It is a nice big one and soon grows very large in his mouth. As he releases the cock we see that it has a very nice bend to it and is quite thick. Laco stands up, his own dick already hard in his underwear. Martin goes down on his knees, as he feels Laco's body. He pulls Laco's underwear down and that hard cock is released. Martin kisses Laco's sexy body and then goes down on the cock too. He sucks the cock real good, saliva dripping from his mouth as he works on it. Laco's cock looks so good, as it throbs in Martin's mouth, with his balls getting nice and tight at the base of the shaft. Martin stands up and kisses Laco again and leads him to the bed. Laco lays back, with his legs in the air and Martin goes back to sucking on his dick. As he sucks the cock Martin rubs his hand over Laco's hairy ass and slips a finger inside the tight hole. He keeps sucking the cock and fingering that hot hole for a while. Then he positions himself to slide his big meat deep inside. He starts to fuck Laco, who moans with pleasure as he takes the cock. That cock goes in nice and deep as Martin fucks Laco. Laco grabs his cock and wanks it as Martin keeps up his deep fucking. With Laco wanking hard his cock soon releases a big load of creamy cum, all over his body. Martin keeps fucking as he smears the cum all over Laco. Then he turns Laco over, onto his knees, and fucks him some more. His cock works that hole real good, going so deep. Laco moans loudly as he takes the big cock deep in his hole. Then Martin is ready to cum too. He pulls out and wanks his cock hard and fast until it shoots the cum over Laco's ass. Martin milks his cock dry and leans over to kiss Laco again and then they both go off to the shower to clean up after a very good screentest.