Martin, Peter and Alan RAW - Cherry Busting

Martin Gajda, Peter Lipnik and Alan Carly are chatting as they sit on the sofa. Peter has been keeping fit and the other's are interested to see his body, and his routine. He explains it is about diet and exercise. They get to talking about sex, specifically about with another guy. Peter denies every having done anything with a guy, so Alan and Martin decide to show him. They start to kiss. Then they invite Peter to join in, sitting him between them. Alan kisses him, with Peter responding. Then he turns his head and Martin kisses him. He then shows them his hot chest and Martin and Alan begin to kiss and lick it, sucking on the nipples. Alan removes Peter's pants and they start to rub him through his boxers. Peter's cock is already hard in the underwear and soon it poking out of the top. Alan leans over and starts sucking on the hard cock. Peter's underwear is removed and Alan sucks the cock again as Martin licks the balls. Then Martin takes over sucking the rock hard cock. The two of them take turns sucking and licking Peter's dick and balls. Then Martin and Alan get naked too, both with their cocks rock hard. Peter takes hold of both cocks and wanks them as Martin wanks him. Peter's legs are raised into the air and Alan rims his hot hole aa Martin continues to wank him. Peter is moved onto his knees, with Alan behind him. He slides his fat cock into Peter's tight hole as Martin wanks himself. Peter moans as the cock works his tight hole. Then Alan and Martin change places, with Martin fucking that hot ass as Alan leans back and wanks himself. Peter takes the cock so well and turns over onto his back. Alan fucks him again in that position as Peter wanks his own cock. He moans loudly as his throbbing cock releases a lovely big cumshot, shooting the cream up his chest. Alan keeps up his fuckingand then pulls out to shoot his cum over Peter's balls. Martin takes Alan's place and fucks that ass some more. He pulls out and dumps his come over Peter too. Then they all kiss each other again.