Adam & Igor - Screen Test RAW

Adam Nezval's Screentest starts with him joining Igor Tapak on the bed and chatting to him for a while. He explains that he is single and is wanting to try new things. He is ok with Igor rubbing his leg and then leaning over to kiss him. Igor rubs Adam's crotch as they kiss and them he helps him off with his tee shirt. Igor kisses Adam's bare chest and continues rubbing his crotch. He opens Adam's belt and flies and takes off the shorts to reveal a rock hard cock. Taking hold of the cock Igor wanks it and then starts to suck it. His hot mouth works on Adam's stiff dick as he rubs the balls too. Adam pushes Igor's head further down on his cock. Then they kiss again before Igor returns to sucking. He sucks hard and Adam fucks his cock into the eager mouth. Then Igor kneels and opens his own jeans, pulling out his stiff cock. Adam returns the favor, sucking on Igor's cock. Igor removes his tee shirt as Adam works on his fat cock. After sucking for a while they move to 60, with Igor kneeling over Adam. Both suck cock like that with Igor licking up and down Adam's shaft too. The Igor lays on his belly, presenting his sexy ass. Adam climbs on and slides his rampant cock into the waiting hole. he fucks Igor's hot hole deep. Adam's sexy ass is on show too as he fucks that ass. His cock pounds the tight hole, going in balls deep. His ass is spread naturally showing off his hole as he keeps up his fucking. Then Adam sits on the bed and Igor slides his ass back down on that throbbing cock. He rides the cock, his own dick standing proud as his balls bounce. He really works his ass over Igor's cock . Then Igor takes over, fucking his dick up into the tight hole. They move again, into spoon position and Igor's dick slides back into the sexy hole. He fucks the ass deep and hard as Igor wanks himself. Igor keeps up his wanking until he shoots his hot load all over his left thigh. Adam's dick carries on pounding the tight hole until he needs to cum too. Then he pulls out and wanks his cock to shoot his cum over Igor's cock and balls, ending a great screentest.