Dan & Martin RAW - Cherry Busting

Dan Holan gets his cherry busted by Martin Hovor today. They have a chat on the sofa to start, with Dan smiling and laughing as they talk about sexy together. Martin pulls Dan towards him and they start kissing. Then Martin removes Dan's tee shirt and the favor is returned. Then Martin pushes Dan back and stands over him to kiss some more as they feel each other. Martin opens Dan's jeans a little and feels inside. Then he drops his shorts to expose his big, hard, cock. Dan takes hold of the cock and begins to suck it. Martin fucks his throbbing dock into Dan's mouth. Dan's lips are wrapped tight around the cock as he sucks on it. He does a great job of sucking and wanking on that big dick. Martin's balls are so tight at the base of the shaft as his dick is sucked. Then Dan's jeans come off and Martin sucks on his cock . He gets on his knees to enjoy that hard cock as Dan's hand rests on his head. Martin keeps sucking for a while and then Dan takes another turn on his cock. Then Martin moves Dan to lay on his back with his legs in the air. Martin's finger finds the virgin hole and starts to finger it. The hairy hole takes the finger nice and deep as Martin works it in and out. Then Martin's big dick is positioned and slides into the tight ass hole. He starts to fuck the ass going in deep. Dan takes it well and then turns over onto his knees so that Martin can fuck him some more. Martin works his big dick deep into the ass, stretching the hole wide. The fucking speeds up when Dan lays on his back again wanking himself. Martin's dick pounds the hot hole as Dan's wanking gets faster. Very soon Dan shoots his creamy cum all over his belly . He milks his cock dry as Martin's cock keeps fucking his ass. Then Martin pulls out and wanks his cock to shoot his cum over Dan's hand and body. He leans forward and kisses Dan again to end a very hot scene.