Romi & Martin RAW - Full Contact

We have a lovely Dream Set featuring Romi Zuska and Martin Gajda. Romi is laying, face down, on the massage table as Martin takes some oil and begins to massage him. Martin's hands glide over Romi's back and shoulders. He quickly pulls Romi's underwear down off his sexy ass to reveal the cheeks. The oily hands start to massage the base of the back and those hot cheeks too. Then Martin takes more oil and works on Romi's legs as well. He goes right down the legs and massages the feet too. Then Martin completely removes Romi's underwear and goes back to massaging the sexy ass. His fingers rub over Romi's hairy ass crack and onto his hole. The cheeks are parted to show that hot hole as Romi's cock and balls are shown too. As the hands work on the ass a finger slips into Romi's tight hole and gently fucks it. Then Romi turns over, onto his back, revealing his stiff cock. Martin's hand rubs the cock and the balls as he leans down to lick the balls. He takes the cock in his mouth and begins to suck on it. He sucks the stiff dick and moves up to kiss Romi as well. Then he kisses his chest and moves back to sucking on that stiff dick. Martin removes his underwear and we see that he is rock hard too. Then, after kissing Romi again he climbs over him so they can 69 to enjoy sucking each other. Martin's dick slides easily into Romi's mouth as they suck each other. Then the turns around and sits his ass down on Romi's throbbing cock. He rides up and down on that rock hard cock before Romi begins to fuck upwards into the hot ass. Then Martin climbs off and Romi stands to bend over the table with Martin behind him. Martin's dick slips into the eager hole and he fucks Romi deep and hard. As he fucks that ass he slap it a few times too. He continues to fuck Romi in that position for a while then they move onto the table again to spoon as Martin's dick works Romi's hot hole some more. That fat cock really stretches Romi's ass as he wanks himself. He keeps wanking as he takes the big cock and soo dumps his hot cum with Martin's cock deep in his ass. Romi milks his cock dry abd Martin continues his fucking until he is ready to cum too. Then he pulls out and shoots his hot cum all over Romi's balls and they end with a final kiss.