Street Hunting - Karel Polak RAW

In a lovely Street Hunting scene we have str8 guy Tomas Berger out hunting for a likely candidate. He quickly finds sexy Karel Polak, another hot str8 guy and starts to chat to him. Tomas tries to persuade Karel to come to the studio and offers him some money. Karel insists that he has a good job and doesn't have time. But an increased offer seems to do the trick and soon Karel is in the studio, accepting the money. Then Tomas offers even more money for Karel to wank him and after further discussion he agrees. Tomas pulls his cock out, and with the promise of more work, and the money, Karel begins wanking the big cock. Tomas doesn't hold back and suggests that Karel suck him too. Karel declines that suggestion and continues to wank, but more money is on offer so he agrees. Leaning over he takes Tomas' cock into his mouth and starts to suck. Then he licks up and down the shaft and sucks it back into his mouth. His head bobs up and down as he sucks the rock hard cock. As he keeps sucking and wanking on that cock further suggestions are made. Tomas wants to fuck Karel but is refused. he does however get Karel to show off his sexy ass. Karel gets naked and lays, face down on the sofa to show his sexy ass. Tomas reaches over and feels the ass, pulling the cheeks to show the hole. Karel moves onto his knees so that hole is shown better. Then he lays on his back with his legs in the air and the hole is really displayed. Tomas rubs his cock over the hole and slips the head insdie. Karel tells him to be gentle, and the cock begins to fuck into his hot hole. He wanks his own cock as Tomas fucks his tight ass. Then, as Karel's fucking gets harder and goes deeper Karel shoots his cum all over the place. Tomas continues to fuck the sexy ass and the Karel turns onto his knees again for more of the dick in his hole. Tomas fucks hard and fast, stretching the hole, until he is ready to cum too. Then he pulls out and dumps his hot cum over Karel's ass.