Dylan Bieber - Erotic Solo

Dylan Bieber is a very sexy straight guy. He is 24 years old and lives in Nova Paka. He is a sales advisor who enjoys travelling, athletics and fitness. He does a very nice interview, where he smiles a lots too. Then Dylan stands up, on the bed, and begins to feel all over his body. He lifts his tee shirt to feel underneath. Then the tee shirt is removed to show off his hot chest. He flexes his biceps and continues to feel himself. He opens his jeans and pushes them down and reaches into his underwear to grope himself. Then Dylan flexes his bicpes again and turns around, reaching back to rub his ass. He pushes the underwear off his ass and shows his hairy hole as he moves up and down. Facing front again he reaches into the underwear again for a grope. He removes the underwear and stands naked as he rubs a hand over his cock and balls. Taking cock in hand he wanks it and gets it nice and hard. He lays on the bed as he continues to wank himself. Then as he wanks Dylan is joined by a helping hand who starts to rub oil over that sexy chest. Then hand then plays with Dylan's cock a little too. He lifts his legs in the air to expose his tight hole and the hands soon start to rub all over it. The fingers rub against Dylan's tight hole. Then they take hold of his cock and balls and start wanking again. Dylans turns over and kneels with is ass on show. More oil is dripped onto that sexy ass and the hands rub it all over. Then Dylan turns over and lays down. The hands wank is cock some more, until it releases the hot, squirting, cum. The cock is milked until all the cum is out and then Dylan goes off to the shower to clean up.