Wank Party #90, Part 1 RAW - Wank Party

In Wank Party #90 we have 4 horny str8 guys, Tom Vojak, Tomas Berger, Filp Onalek and Karel Polak. Part one sees Karel and Tomas relaxing as they wait for the other to arrive. Then Tom and Filip come in and join them and they discuss what to do, and it doesn't take long to decide as Tom starts to kiss Tomas and Filip does the same with karel. They quickly all are bare-chested as they continue to kiss and fondle each other. Filip opens Karel's jeans as Tom pulls out his own massive cock, removing his pants in the process. That cock is rock hard and Tomas is quickly suicking it as Karel takes off his jeans. Filip goes down on Karel's cock as Tomas keeps sucking Tom. Karel fucks his cock into Filip's mouth as the lips are wrapped tight around it. Tomas works hard on Tom's big cock, taking time out to kiss him too. Then Karel takes a turn on Tom's dick as Filip moves up to kiss him. Tomas takes his cock out too and starts to wank it as he returns to sucking Tom. Filip sucks Karel some more and Karel takes turns with Tomas on Tom's cock. Filip and Tomas get fully naked so that their dicks can get some mouth action. Karel sucks Filip as Tom goes down on Tomas. Karel licks up and down Filip's dick and wanks himself as he sucks. Tom's mouth wraps tight around Tomas' dick sucking it hard. Tomas moves over and sucks Filip's cock before making way for Tom to do the same. They all keep changing to suck each other Tom and Karel both licking at Filips throbbing cock. Then Filip moves onto his knees and Karel laps at his tight hole. Tom wanks Filip and kisses him while his own dick is being sucked by Tomas. Karel soon shoves his finger into Filip's hot hole and then goes back to rimming it, getting it ready for more action.