Adam and Kamil RAW - Full Contact

Two very sexy str8 guys, Kamil Banek and Adam Nezval are enjoying a kick=about in the garden. When they finish they walk into the barn and Kamil tells Adam he wants something more. He moves to him and they begin kissing and feeling each other. Kamil kisses Adam's chest and nipples and then gropes his shorts. Moving down he opens the shorts and they drop down to reveal Adam's hard cock. Kamil's mouth quickly encloses the dick and he sucks on it. He rubs it too as he sucks with the balls tight at the base of the shaft. Kamil's head bobs on the cock, taking it deep into his mouth as he sucks. Then Adam returns the favour, taking Kamil's throbbing cock into his mouth. He licks all the the shaft and swallows the head, swirling his tongue around it too. Then he turns Kamil around and starts to rim his sexy ass. He pulls the cheeks wide apart to get his tongue into the tight hole. Then Adam stands and slides his rampant rod deep into the waiting ass. He fucks that hole deep and hard with Kamil taking it so well. Adam's cock goes it all the ways and he really bangs away at the hot ass. Kamil's dick stays rock hard as he feel his hole being fucked. They move to the grass and Adam sits. Kamil slides his ass down on the waiting cock, taking every inch as he rides up and down. He wanks himself too as he works his hole on that dick. He wanking speeds up as he continues to ride the big cock. His cock erupts with a fountain of hot cum as Adam's dick is deep in his hole. Adam fucks up into the tight hole until he is ready to cum. Then he pulls out and Kamil kneels before him to watch his cum.