Peter & Stano RAW - Cherry Busting

In this Cherry Busting we have two very hot str8 guys, Stano Janda, whose cherry gets busted, and Peter Uman, who learns that an ass isn't just for one thing, when he shoves his dick so deep in Stano. They sit together on the sofa for a brief interview, where they explain it is all about cash. They are somewhat nonplussed as it dawns on them what might be about to happen. But it all starts gently with a kiss. Following instructions from the crew Peter removes Stano's tee shirt. Then Stano does the same for Peter. After kissing again, and rubbing each other Stano is told to remove Peter's pants and to wank him. Peter seems to protest a little, but moves his hands, revealing a swelling cock which Stano takes hold of. His wanking quickly gets Peter's dick rock hard. Then he leans over and kisses and licks the cock. He takes it in his mouth and sucks on it, as directed. Peter, still protesting that it's weird, runs his hands over Stano. Stano keeps up his sucking of Peter's big cock, then he removes his jeans to show off his cock, which is already rock hard. Peter's hand gingerly closes around Stano's dick and starts to wank. His own cock is wanked too. They kiss again as they keep wanking each other. Then Peter is told to suck on Stano's cock. He takes his time, but does lean over and take the dick into his mouth. He sucks it and licks the head. Then he kisses the balls and licks up and down the shaft of that throbbing cock. Stano's cock stays rock hard as they sit waiting for more instructions. Stano moves onto his knees and Peter positions himself behind. He slides his stiff cock into that tight, hot hole. Stano moans as he feels the dick pushing agains his virgin hole. The hole opens up to take that cock and Peter starts to fuck nice and deep. Stano keeps up a stream of moaning and comments as he feels Peter's throbbing dick working deep in his ass. He turns over onto his back, with legs in the air, for more deep fucking. Peter obliges, his thick dick going all the way in the ass. He fucks that hot ass as Stano moans. Peter's fucking speeds up as Stano grabs his own cock and starts to wank it. He keeps wanking until his gives up his cum. Peter continues to fuck until he is ready to cum too and then pulls out to dump his load over Stano's cock and balls. He milks his dick dry and they both go off to the shower.