Wank Party #94, Part 1 RAW - Wank Party

In Wank Party #94 we have 4 of the sexiest str8 guys, Petr Uman, Vadim Covrescu, Miro Dalek and Tomas Berger. This first part begins as Petr is sleeping and the other guys come into the room to wake him up. As he sits up Tomas leans over and kisses Petr's chest. Miro and Vadim kiss each other too as Tomas goes down on Petr's rock hard cock. All the guys get barechested and continue to share kisses, with Tomas sucking on Petr's dick some more. Miro strips off his pants revealing his huge swelling cock which Vadim quickly goes down on . Vadim pulls his own cock out too. He pulls on his cock as he sucks Miro. Tomas takes his dick out too but keeps sucking on Petr. Petr lays down for Tomas to suck his dick. He reaches over and rubs Vadim's chest. Vadim's mouth keeps sucking Miro's throbbing cock as Tomas and Petr change places. Petr eagerly takes Tomas cock in his mouth and starts to suck. Miro fucks his cock into Vadim's mouth, making him gag a little. As Vadim sucks that cock he feels Tomas kissing his back. He takes all of Miro's dick into his mouth and Tomas goes back to sucking Petr. The Miro lays down and everyone's attention turns to his big cock. They take turns in sucking it and kissing all over his hot body. His big cock stays so hard as the guys enjoy working on it. Tomas can't resist another chance to suck on Petr's big cock too, so he sucks that while Vadim works on Miro's. Then Vadim straddles Miro to suck his cock as his ass is available for Miro to rim. Miro tongues the tight hole as Tomas sucks Petr. Vadim lays on his back with his legs in the air. Miro laps at his hole while Tomas keeps working on Petr's dick. Petr's balls are tight against his shaft as his cock is sucked. Then he moves to suck Tomas again Whille Vadim's legs are over his head, ass in the air as Miro keeps rimming his sexy hole. He rubs his fingers over that hot hole and keeps lapping at it as Vadim wanks himself. Then he shoves a finger deep into Vadim;s hole, setting things up for a great finale in part 2.