Alan & Tomas RAW - Full Contact

Alan Pekny, a very hunky str8 guy is chopping wood. He is joined by another hot st8 guy, Tomas Berger who brings in more wood. They chat a little an Alan mentions that he needs a massage after working so hard. Tomas offers to massage him, but they get straight into some kissing instead. Tomas then moves down to kiss Alan's nipples too. He rubs Alan's cock through his shorts as well and then pulls them down to release a stiffening cock. Tomas takes the cock into his mouth and sucks it eagerly. With Alan's cock rock hard Tomas licks and sucks it, taking it all into his mouth. Standing up his kisses Alan once more and is rewarded when Alan places one foot up on the wood block, presenting his hot ass to Tomas. Tomas is quick to start rimming the hot hole that is exposed as Alan spreads his cheeks. Tomas' tongue laps at the hole for a while and then he stands and drops his shorts, releasing his big, hard cock. That cock is presented to Alan's ass and slowly slides deep inside. Alan moans as he feels Tomas fucking him deep. The cock stretches Alan's ass wide and fucks deep. Tomas' hips thrust fast as he pounds the tight hole as hard as he can. Alan keeps up a stream of moans as he takes the hard cock. Turning over, onto his back he gets that dick deep in his hole again as he starts wanking his own cock. Alan wanks hard as Tomas' cock works his hole. Alan's moaning gets louder as Tomas fucks even harder. His wanks gets faster too and soon he shoots his creamy cum all over that sexy body. Alan milks his cock dry as Tomas continues fucking. Tomas pulls out and delivers his own hot cum, shooting it onto Alan's belly. He leans over and kisses him once more after a very hot scene.