Leo & Tomas - Screen Test RAW

Stunning str8guy Leo Lombar has his screentest today. He is paired with the equally hot str8guy Tomas Salek who has proved himself to be a great bottom. The guys walk into the room after a heavy training session. As the sit on the bed Leo flexes his biceps and Tomas comments on what a good body he has. Leo explains that he still has to work harder. He stands up and starts flexing as his hot body is admired by Tomas. He strips down to his underwear showing off that hot body. Tomas is very impressed and takes some oil and begins to rub it all over Leo's massive chest. Tomas' hands rub all over the chest and abs and onto the biceps. He lets a hand run onto the underwear, feeling Leo's dick. The guys start to kiss as Tomas is pulled hard against Leo's hot body. When he is released he drops to his knees, pulling down the underwear, and starts to suck Leo's hard cock. Leo's hand finds the back of Tomas' head pulling it onto his stiff dick. Tomas sucks and licks on the cock and balls too, eager to get as much as he can. Leo's hips start to thrust as his dick is being sucked. He fucks Tomas' eager mouth, enjoying the hot lips as they wrap around his dick. Then Tomas stands up and the guys kiss again. Leo pulls off Tomas' tee shirt and then open his jeans too as he drops to his knees. He takes Tomas' cock into his mouth and begins to suck it. Leo feels the cock get hard in his mouth as he sucks it so well. His hot mouth works tghe dick for a while, then Tomas kneels on the bed, presenting his ass. Leo positions himself and slides his rock hard cock into the waiting hole. He fucks Tomas' ass deep and hard, stretching the hole. As he fucks his slaps the ass too. Leo looks magnificent as he thrusts his throbbing cock in and out of Tomas hot hole. Tomas takes the cock so well, feeling every thrust. Leo's hips keep working as he fucks hard into Tomas' ass. Then Tomas is turned over, onto his back with his legs in the air. Leo's dick pounds the hot hole hard and fast as he holds Tomas' legs. Tomas takes hold of his own cock and wanks it as he enjoys the pounding in his hole. He wanks his cock, moaning as he feels the cock in his hole. Soon Tomas shoots his creamy cum onto his hot body as Leo keeps fucking him hard. Leo continues to fuck until he is ready too and then pulls out to shoot his cum as well. He milks the cum from his cock and leans over to kiss Tomas again to end a great screentest.