Bozek & Karel - Screen Test RAW

Bozek Kolek is a good looking straight guy who is in for a screentest, with Karel Opec. Karel arrives and sits next to Bozek and they chat for a while about Bozek's experience, and he agrees to try something with Karel. They begin to kiss and help each other take off their tee shirts. Then, as they continue kissing, they lay on the bed and grope each other. Jeans are opened, freeing their cocks and Bozek lays on top of Karel to kiss some more. Then he moves down to begin sucking on Karel's stiffening cock. His hot mouth engulfs the cock as his head bobs up and down on it. Bozek licks the cock shaft and sucks on the cock as Karel lays back and enjoys the feeling. After doing a great job of sucking Bozek changes places with Karel to have his own cock sucked. Karel takes the fat dick in his mouth and gets working on it. He licks up and down and his tongue laps at the cockhead, as well as sucking it deep into his mouth. Then Karel climbs over Bozek so they can 69, both enjoying some dick in their mouths. Then Karel presents his ass to Bozek who eagerly laps at the hot hole. He then positions his cock and slides it into Karel's waiting hole. With his dick deep in that ass Bozek starts to fuck, with long, slow strokes. As he fucks he begins to speed up, his fat cock stretching Karel's ass wide. That rock hard cock pounds Karel's ass and Bozek spanks it too. Moving to a spoon position he continues to fuck as Karel wanks himself. With Bozek's dick fucking him hard Karel's cock releases the creamy cum as he wanks. He continues wanking his dick as Bozek's cock pounds his hole. Then Bozek pulls out and shoots his own juicy load too.