Petr & Miro RAW - Full Contact

In a wonderful Dreamset, suggested by Floris, we have two very hot straight guys Petr Jarena and Miro Dalek. They both come into the room and collapse onto the bed. Petr says he is very tired and asks Miro to massage him. Miro is happy to avoid and straddles Petr and massages his shoulders. He leans forward and gently kisses his ear. He nuzzles and nibbles the ear and neck. Petr then turns over and they begin to kiss as Miro straddles him again. His hands run over Petr's chest and neck as they continue to kiss. Moving down a little Miro opens Petr's jeans and releases his cock. Petr asks Miro to put on one of his white shirts, and then is asked to try another one. Miro dose as ask and models the shirt, fastening the buttons. Petr tells him to continue dressing and Miro begins to put on a second shirt. Petr gets up to help him and they kiss again. Petr kisses his way down as he kneels and opens Miro's shorts, releasing a big, stiff, cock. He takes the cock into his mouth adn begins to suck it. Petr's head bobs on the big cock. He sucks and licks that huge dick as Miro grabs his collar and pulls him onto the cock. Standing again Petr kisses Miro. Miro kneels on the bed as Petr removes his own shorts. He positions himself behind Miro and slides his stiff cock into the waiting ass hole. Miro's throbbing cock fucks Miro's tight hole, with both of them still wearing theirs shirts. His fucking gets faster and the cock goes in nice and deep as Miro takes it all. Then Petr pulls out and they lay down to kiss. Petr lays on his side and they spoon as Miro's big cock slides deep into the waiting hole. Miro's fat cock is rock hard as it plows deep into Petr's tight hole. He keeps fucking hard until he is ready to cum and then pulls out to shoot his cum onto Petr's shirt covered chest. He milks all the cum from his chest and kisses Petr again. Petr moves up onto his knees, with Miro behind him, and wanks his cock. Miro begins cutting at the shirt as Petr wanks. Then he gives up one of his shirts to replace the damaged one. Wearing the open shirt Petr kneels over Miro and wanks his hot cum over his chest. Then they pull off the tight shirts and kiss again.