Milos & Martin RAW - Full Contact

Those good looking str8 guys Martin Polnak and Milos Ovcacek are enjoying themselves today. Sitting between Milos' legs the barechested Martin turns his head so that that can kiss. Milos runs his hands over Martin's chest and reaches into this pants to feel the hard cock waiting there. Martin lays on the bed and Milos helps him take off the shorts to release that big, hard, cock. Milos immediately starts to suck on the throbbibng dick, taking it all deep into his mouth. He sucks it good, going all the way down on it. With his dick rock hard Martin sits up and begins to grope Milos as he kisses him and licks his chest and nipples. Milos stand and drops his shorts to expose his huge, hard, cock. Martin takes it into his mouth and sucks it, feeling a hand pulling his head onto it. He laps at the balls too and licks the fat shaft. That huge, fat, cock looks so good as Martin's mouth is wrapped tight around it. Mllos fucks his dick into the eager mouth and then Martin stands and pushes Milos onto the bed. Kneeling between Milos' legs he sucks the dick again. Martin sucks and licks the massive cock as Milos lays back and enjoys it. Then Martin lifts Milos legs to get at his ass. He laps at Milos' hot hole for a while, getting it nice and wet. Then he rubs a finger over the hole and slips it inside. He probes the hole gently and licks it some more, taking time out to suck on that huge cock some more too. Then he presents his own throbbing cock to the hole and slides it deep inside. Martin fucks that ass deep as Milos holds one leg in the air. Martin pounds the hot ass hole deep and hard and grabs Milos dick to wank it. Martin then lays on his back and Milos mounts his throbbing dick, sliding his ass all the way down on it. He rides Martin's cock so well, stretching his hole wide as he takes it all. Martin fucks his cock up into that hot hole as Milos bounces up and down. Then Milos dismounts and lays on his back for Martin to fuck him some more. He grabs his dick and wanks as Martin's cock pounds his hole. Milos dick is so big and hard as he wanks it as fast as he can. It quickly shoots the creamy up up his body as Martin's dick bangs away at his hole. Milos milks the cum from his cock while Martin keeps up his hard fucking. Then Martin pulls out of that hot ass and wanks himself to release his cum over Milos. As he milks his dick Milos sits up and kisses him again and they go off to the shower to clean up.