Wank Party #98, Part 1 RAW - Wank Party

We have a great cast in Wank Party #98, Tomas Salek Petr Jarena, Petr Ujen and Kristof Trnka. In this first part Tomas and Petr J are bare chested and walking in the park. Petr U runs up to join them, apologising for being late. As the continue walking they wonder where Kristof is, but not for long as he quickly joins them. The four of them go back to the apartment and immediately begin to kiss and rub each other. Petr J's cock is soon in Kristof's hand and being wanked, Then both their shorts are down showing off hard cocks. Tomas' shorts are lowered too as Petr U wanks him. Kristof begins to suck on Petr J's throbbing cock as Petr U leans over and does the same to Tomas. He licks up and down Tomas' rock hard cock. Petr J then sucks Kristof's big cock as Petr U continues to working his mouth down on Tomas' dick. Kristof and Petr Jtake turns on each other while Petr U keeps sucking Tomas. Petr U moves to the other side of Tomas and continues to suck as Tomas leans over to kiss Petr J. Kristof keeps up his sucking and wanking too. Petr U leans over and joins Kristof in sucking on Petr J's fat cock. Then they both share Tomas' dick too, licking and sucking his balls as well. Petr U then sits up and Tomas takes a turn on his dick. He is soon replaced by Petr J sucking the cock. Tomas then starts to work on Kristof's cock. Petr U kneels on the sofa as the other three crowd around him. Petr J sucks as Kristof and Tomas kiss. They all take turns on Petr U's cock. Then Kristof sits, his cock standing up, and lets the others take turns at sucking. Petr U then kneels and bends over, presenting his ass for Tomas to rim as Kristof raises his legs for Petr J to lick and finger his hot hole. He wanks himself as he feels the finger pushing into his ass, setting everything up for part two.