Petr Sunek - Erotic Solo

Petr Sunek is aged 18 and lives in Prerov. He is a very good looking straight guy who doesn't have a job at the moment, but he enjoys sports, jogging and cycling. He looks so hot as he sits on the edge of the bed for his interview, which he conducts in good English. Then Petr lays on the bed and starts groping himself through his underwear. A helping hand arrives and begins to rub a hand over Petr's body. The hand slips under his clothes to feel the sexy chest. The top is raised to show off that chest and then the hands open Petr's shorts and reaches in to feel his stiffening dick. The shorts are removed and the hands rub over Petr's underwear, pulling a leg aside to release his balls. Then the cock head is allowed to poke out of the top too. A hand wanks the cock in the underwear as the head pokes out. Then Petr's top is removed and some oil is dripped onto the cockhead . The oil is rubbed in as the cock is wanked. The underwear is removed so that Petr is fully naked, and rock hard. His dick is wanked and the balls are rubbed. As that dick is rubbed slowly it throbs in the hand and releases the creamy cum in large blobs. Petr's legs are raised to expose his hairy ass. The ass crack is covered in hair too, surrounding it hot hole. The hands rub all over the ass, and against the hole. Oil coats the hair which sticks to the ass and gives a great view of his tight hole. A finger slides into that hole and gently fucks it. The finger fucks deep into that hot hole for a while and then Petr lowers his legs. More oil is dripped onto his cock and balls and it is rubbed in. The hands wank on the cock again and rub Petr's balls. The cock, already spent, gets very hard again as it is wanked before Petr is left to relax.