Peter & Petr RAW - Full Contact

Peter Hronsky and Petr Ugan are a pair of very cute straight guys. Petr is listening to some music when Peter walks in, having just showered. Wearing only his towel he begins to kiss Peter who responds well. Leaning over he kisses Peter's chest and then, as the towel drops to the floor, his big, hard cock. Peter's fat cock is rock hard and poking through the bedframe as Petr's mouth sucks hard on it. Petr's head bobs on that throbbing cock. Then he licks the shaft and around the fat head some too. Peter enjoys the mouth on his dick, reaching for Petr's head encouragingly. Then he pulls out of Petr's mouth and strips him naked. Petr lays on the bed as Peter goes down to lick and suck on his cock and balls. Peter takes the cock into his mouth and suck it down to the base. Petr pushes him down on his hard cock. The sucking continues as Peter wanks himself some as well. His dick stays rock hard as he keeps up his sucking. Then he climbs over, head to toe, Petr and they begin to 69. Each is sucking on hard cock so well. But Peter wants more and moves his friend so that he is bending over and presenting his ass. Peter's huge cock slides deep into the waiting ass, stretching it wide. He fucks that hot hole as Petr takes it well. The big cock slides deeply into that hot ass and the fucking speeds up as the balls tighten around the base. The fucking continues as Petr kneels on the bed. Then he rides Peter's cock, sliding up and down on the thick shaft. His hole is spread wide as he rides. Peter reaches to wank his friend as his cock works the eager hole. They move again, into a spoon position with Peter's dick pounding that sexy ass. Peter's ass is pushed back to get every inch of that cock. The pounding continues apace as Peter gets to close to cumming. Petr raises a legs and wanks his own cock as he feels that huge pole working his ass. Soon the cream erupts from Petr's cock shooting onto his thigh as Peter's dick fucks him more. As the cock slams deep into Petr's ass repeatedly Peter reaches the point of no return and pulls out to shoot his cum onto Petr's balls. He wanks his cock after cumming. Then . he reaches forward to kiss Petr again.