Adam & Milos RAW - Full Contact

Adam Zrzek and Milos Ovcacek have a great time in this video. They start off by kissing as they relax on the bed. They grope each other too and then begin to undress each other. Milos kisses Adam's chest and then starts to suck on his rock hard cock. Adam removes his pants and shirt and moves onto his knees so that Milos can work on his big erection. MiLos takes that dick all the way into his mouth, gagging as it hits the back of his throat. Adam pushes Milos head down on his cock to get it all the way in the mouth. Milos does a great job sucking and licking that huge dick. Adam reaches over to fondle Milos too. Then Milos takes his own pants off,to fully release his huge cock. They wank each other and then Adam takes a turn at sucking. His hot mouth works on Milo's massive dick. Milos balls are tight at the base of his shaft as Adam sucks and wanks him. His hot mouth works on that cock licking up and down the shaft and taking it into his mouth as Milos lays back and enjoys the feeling.Then Adam sucks o the balls too and licks the thick shaft before taking it into his mouth again. His hands run over Milos open legs as well and his attention moves to the ass hole. Milos lifts his legs to give access to his tight hole and Adam starts to rim it. He kisses and licks that hole while continuing to wank the big cock. He sucks the cock and balls again and moves back downt to the ass hole. Then he slides his big, fat, cock into the waiting hole. Milos moans as he feels his ass open up to take the hard cock. Adam starts to fuck Milos tight hole, deep and hard. His cock slams in and out of the ass as Milos keeps up his moaning . Adam pulls out and slaps his dick against Milos balls and then . shoves it all the way into the ass again. He fucks that ass so hard and then lays back for Milos to sit on his dick. Milos' ass opens up and takes the whole cock as Adam fucks up into his ass. He rides on the big cock, his ass slapping against Adam's thighs. Milos takes that cock so well and the moves into position for spooning.. He grabs his own cock and wanks as Adam pounds his eager hole. Adam's cock stretches he hole wide as he keeps up his hard fucking as Milos wanks himself. Milos grabs his own balls so tightly as he wanks his cock and shoots the cum all over his body as Adam keeps up his hard fucking.Adam pulls out and wanks to shoot huge globs of cum over Milos and onto the bed too. Then they kiss again to end a great scene.