Ivan & Borek RAW - Cherry Busting

Borek Felix gets his cherry busted today, but Ivan Gula. They are sitting on the sofa when Ivan suggests they do something different. With that they begin to kiss each other, and let their hands run freely too. They pull off each other's tee shirts and continue to kiss and feel. Borek lays back as Ivan kisses him and gropes his jeans. He opens Borek's jeans and the are removed to release his stiffening cock. Ivan rubs the cock as he kisses Borek's sexy body. The cock gets nice and hard as Borek wanks and then sucks on it. He takes the dick into his mouth and bobs up and down on it. His lips are closed tight arounds that rock hard cock as he sucks it well. His tongue licks the shaft and around the head and then down to the balls as well. He continues to suck on that lovely cock for a while. Then he moves onto his knees, opening his jeans to release his cock. Borek grabs that dick and pulls on it before taking it in his mouth. He works his mouth on the cock, feeling it get hard as he sucks. He takes it deep into his mouth as he sucks it. Ivan's hips start to thrust as he fucks his dick into the eager mouth. Borek cups the tightening balls as he sucks hard on that throbbing cock. Then he turns around and bends over to expose his ass which Ivan quickly starts to lick. His hot tongue laps at the tight hole and then he positions himself to push his dick in. That cock slides deep into Borek's hot ass hole and starts to fuck. That big cock is soon fucking hard and fast into Borek's ass. Ivan pulls out and then slides the cock all the way in again. Borek's ass is stretched wide as the cock fucks him hard. He moans as he takes that cock with Ivan's fucking getting faster. Ivan fucks deep, his hips thrusting hard, as he works the tight hole. Then he sits on the sofa and Borek slides his ass back onto that cock and rides up and down on it. He works his ass onto that cock taking it all the way. Ivan supports the ass cheeks as his cock is ridden well. Borek lifts off the cock to turn around and the sit back down on it. He grabs his own cock and wanks it as he rides that dick. Ivan's hips thrust upwards as Borek rides his cock. With that dick deep in his ass Borek wanks himself hard. He keeps going until he cums as Ivan fucks him. Then he slides off the cock and lays down. He kisses Ivan's belly as that big cock is wanked to a lovely cumshot. Then they kiss one final time.