Karel & Petr RAW - Full Contact

Karel Polak and Petr Ugan are up for some very hot sex. They are kissing as we join them and Petr then turns over to present his sexy ass to Karel. He is wearing just a jock strap, which gives Karel easy access. He leans in and starts to tongue the hot hole, and then fingers it hard too. His finger fucks, hard, into Petr's hot hole, and then his thumb does the same. Then Karel spanks on that sexy ass too before leaning down and kissing it. Karel keeps up his playing with Petr's hole, using his thumb deep inside. As he plays with that sexy ass Karel's underwear tents mightily as his cock throbs inside. Then he turns Petr over and straddles him. He pulls out his cock for Petr to suck on. Holding Petr's head Karel fucks his dick deep into the mouth. Karel fucks the mouth hard. Then he relaxes a bit as Petr sucks. Petr is then moved onto his knees to be fucked from behind. Karel's thronbbing cock slides deep into the eager hole and he fucks it hard. Petr takes the dick so well as Karel pounds his ass deep. Karel grabs Petr's hair and pulls his head back as he bangs away at that sexy ass. Then they move to spoon and Petr wanks himself hard as Karel keeps up his hard fucking. Petr's dick soon gives up his hot cum as he feels that big cock working hard in and out of his ass. He milks his cock dry as Karel continues to fuck him. Karel's belly slaps against Petr's ass as he fucks so deep. He then positions Petr on his back, legs in the air, to fuck him some more. He pounds Petr's ass as hard as he can until he is ready to cum. Then Karel pulls out and wanks his cock, shooting his cum over Petr's cock and balls, and hairy leg. Then Karel leans forward so they can kiss again.