Dusan & Peter RAW - Full Contact

Sexy str8 guys Dusan Polanek and Peter Andre make a great pair. Dusan is sleeping when Peter rouses him as they must go out. Dusan doesn't want to gut up though as he has other things on his mind. He pulls Peter down and kisses him and they let their hands begins to explore each other. Dusan's shorts are soon off, releasing his big, hard cock which Peter starts to suck. Peter's hot mouth works hard on that big cock as his head bobs up and down. Having sucked that cock for a while Peter moves and bends over the edge of the bed. Dusan gets behind him and pulls the shorts down to expose his sexy ass. He kisses that hot ass and rubs it. Then Dusan's tongue finds the hot hole and begins rimming it. Dusan's tongue laps at the hot hole as he squeezes and rubs the ass cheeks. Then he rubs a finger over the hole. Sucking the finger he slides it into Peter's hole and begins to fuck it. Then he pulls the finger out and positions himself to slide his rock hard cock in. That dick opens the hole wide as it is pushed deep inside and Dusan begins to fuck. He fucks Peter's ass deep with long strokes. As he fucks that sexy as Dusan pulls the cock all the way out and then shoves it back in. He fucks hard as he grabs Peter's hair and pulls the head back. With his dick pounding that ass he grbas Peter's mouth, covering it. Then Dusan pulls out again, checking that hole and shoving his big dick back inside again. He fucks Peter's ass again before pulling out and turning him over. Then Dusan kneels and sucks on Peter's throbbing cock briefly. He wanks it too before laying on the bed for Peter to straddle him and slide his hot ass down on that big dick. Peter rides up and down on the cock taking it deep into his ass. He takes that cock so well as Dusan holds his ass and thrusts his big cock all the way inside, fucking it hard. Then they move again, with Peter on his back, legs in the air for Dusan to slam his cock hard and fast into that hole. Peter wanks himself as he takes the cock in his hole. His wanking speeds up as Dusan continues to bang away at his ass. Then Peter's cock releases the creamy cum shooting it all over his sweater as Dusan's dick is deep in his ass. Dusan continues to fuck that hot ass until he is ready to cum too. Then he pulls out and dumps his hot cum over Peter's sweater and hand. Leaning forward, after milking his cock dry, Dusan kisses Peter again.