Wank Party #105, Part 1 RAW - Wank Party

We have a great cast of very hunky guys for Wank Party #105, Hugo Antonin, Leo Lombar, Pavel Sora and Roman Baren. In this first part we join Pavel Sora as he is rubbing all over his hot body as he relaxes. He is joined by Hugo Antonin who starts to feel Pavel's body, and to kiss him. Hugo reache a hand into Pavel's jean too, groping inside as he continues to kiss and rub the body. Opening Pavel's shorts he pulls out his growing dick and starts to suck it. Hugo's hot mouth encloses the hard cock and suck it so well. Pavel's hand pushes down on Hugo's head encouraging him to suck more of the cock into his mouth. Hugo's head bobs up and down as he takes the cock in his mouth. He licks up and down the shaft too. Having enjoyed that big cock Hugo wants to suck the balls too as Pavel gets naked and raises his legs to expose his hot ass hole. Hugo sucks on the big balls and rubs his fingers over Pavel's hole, sucking the cock at the same time. Then a finger slips into Pavel's tight ass hole and slowly fucks it as his cock is sucked hard. As Hugo works on the cock and ass they are joined by Leo and Roman. Leo soon grabs Hugo's attention, kissing him. Roman kisses Pavel who still holds his legs in the air. Leo's towel comes off so that Hugo can suck on his cock. Roman rubs Pavel's cock and balls as he continues to kiss him. Then as Hugo sucks Leo's throbbing cock Roman and Pavel swap places and Roman takes the dick in his mouth. He sucks on Pavel's cock as Hugo works on Leo's. Then Roman and Hugo swap partners with Roman sucking on Leo's huge erection while Hugo takes another turn on Pavel's dick. Then Hugo lays down and continues to work on Pavel's cock and balls. Roman goes down on Hugo's dick and he feels Leo sucking on his as they all lay on the sofa.