Leo & Jan RAW - Full Contact

WE have a great pairing in Leo D|inar and Jan Nurad. Leo is doing his workout in the gym using weights. His beautiful body looks so good as it glistens with sweat. He puts down the weights and starts to feel his body, flexing the taut muscles. He runs his hands all over his chest, abs and arms and is then joined by Jan who is late. Jan strips off and puts on his training shorts then he joins Leo, ready for some instruction. Under Leo's guidance Jan does some stretching exercises with arms and shoulders. As he directs the exercises Leo's hands caress Jan's slim body. Then Leo turns Jan and kisses him. Jan returns the kissing eagerly as they run hands over each other. Jan's hand gropes Leo's cock through the underwear as they continues to kiss each other. Dropping to his knees Jan pulls down the tight underwear to release Leo's growing cock. He takes the cock into his mouth and sucks on it as Leo's hand guides his head, pulling it onto his dick. That cock is soon rock hard and Leo's hips thrust as Jan sucks well. The cock fills Jan's mouth as he sucks. Then he wanks the cock and licks at Leo's balls. Jan's hot tongue licks up and down the shaft of that fat cock and he licks the balls too. Then he returns to gorging on that big dick. Then Leo sits Jan down so that he can take a turn sucking too. He goes down on Jan's cock licking and sucking it as Jan's hand runs over his back and head. Jan stands and bends over, presenting his hot ass. Leo presents his throbbing cock to the ass and slides it deep inside. He fucks hard into Jan's hot hole, giving the ass a spank too. That dick pounds Jan's hot ass and he takes it so well. Leo fucks deep and pulls his cock out and then slides it deep inside again to continue fucking. Jan moans as the big cock works deep in his ass. He turns over onto his back with his legs in the air for that big dic to fuck him more. Jan wanks himself as Leo's cock works in and out of his hot ass. Jan's dick gets so hard as he wanks and he shoots his hot cum onto his body as Leo's cock is deep in his ass. Leo continues to fuck that ass until he is ready to cum, then he pulls out and dumps his hot load onto Jan's cock and his hand. Leo leans over and they kiss again to end a very good scene.