Peto & Hugo RAW - Cherry Busting

Peto Osalen gets his cherry busted by Hugo Antonin. They start off by sitting on the bed as Hugo does a brief interview with Peto. The discussion centres of Peto's desire to try sexy with a guy and to be submissive. Then he moves forward and kisses Hugo. They kiss and chat and then Peto lays back as Hugo kisses he way all over the sexy body. Hugo lifts Peto's tee shirt and kisses his chest. Peto removes Hugo's tee shirt and has his own jeans opened and pulled down, with the underwear. He takes off his own tee shirt as Hugo grabs the stiff cock and starts to suck on it. Hugo's hot mouth works on the hard cock as his hands wanks it too. Hugo sucks and licks Hugo's dick for a while then he moves up so that his new friend can open his pants and suck him. Peto's hot mouth takes Hugo's rock hard dick. His lips close tight around the cock as he sucks. Hugo reaches down and wanks Peto as his own dick is being sucked. Hugo's dick stands pround as Peto licks the balls too. Hugo moves again, removing Peto's jeans and then sucks on that cock again. Moving up Hugo places his throbbing cock against Peto's and wanks them both together. Then Hugo pulls Peto flat on the bed and spreads his legs so that he can finger the tight hole. Hugo's finger works that tight hole before sliding his fat cock inside. Hugo's rigid cock works deep into Peto's hole and fucks it. Peto's cock stays rock hard and he strokes it from time to time as Hugo works his ass hole. Hguo's dick fucks hard into that ass as Peto lays back and enjoys it. Hguo pulls his cock out of the hole and shoves it back inside, fucking hard. The big, hard, cock works Peto's tight hole so well as he takes it all the way. He gives his own cock a few tugs too. Then Hugo wanks Peto's dick as he keeps up the hard fucking. Then Peto turns over onto his knees for Hugo to fuck him from behind. That big cock slam into the hot hole as Hugo's thighs slap against the butt cheeks. Hugo pounds the hole as hard as he gan with Peto taking it well. Hugo climbs on to Peto's ass as his dick continues to ram hard into the hole. Then they move to spoon with Hugo fucking the ass hole as Peto wanks his own stiff cock. With Hugo's cock pounding his hole hard Peto keeps wanking until his own dick releases the hot cum. Then Hugo pulls out and moves up to shoot his cum over Peto's handsome face.