Omer & Jan RAW - Full Contact

Omer Turkan and Jan Nurad are sitting on the bed, using a phone, when Jan pulls Omer to him and begins to kiss him. He pushes Omer onto his back, kneeling over him, as they kiss. Then Jan opens and pulls down Omer's jeans to release a lovely stiff cock. He takes the rock hard cock in his mouth and hand and begins sucking and wanking. Jan's tongue runs all over the cock head and his lips close around to to suck hard. He then wanks that cock and Omer quickly unloads his hot cum onto his belly. Jan milks the cock and sucks the cum off it. He cotninues to suck that dick and Omer feels his own body. As Jan's hot mouth and hand continue working that sticky cock he also plays with on of Omer's nipples. Then he knees, pants down, so that Omer can suck his cock. He wanks Omer's dick as his own is sucked hard. Then Jan turns Omer over and starts to work on his beautiful hairy ass. He spreads the ass cheeks and rims the hairy hole. He rubs the hot hole and then, getting fully naked, he slides his throbbing cock deep inside. Jan fucks that hot hole as Omer raises his ass to receive the cock.He continues to fuck that sexy and then he strips the clothes form Omer. They kiss some more before Omer moves onto his knees to take the cock in his hole again. Jan fucks the hot ass deep and hard as he spanks the cheeks too. He turns Omer over onto his back and fucks him some more. Omer wanks himself as he takes the cock deep in his eager hole. With his hard wanking Omer soon delivers another hot load all over his body. Jan pulls out of that ass and wank himself to dump his cum as well. Then he leans forward so they can kiss again.