Zoran & Peto RAW - Full Contact

Peto Mohac is chatting on his computer, playing a game when Zoran Jakotiyc arrives and suggests that he has something better to do. He starts to kiss Peto's neck and then kisses his mouth too. Peto responds well and is soon kissing Zoan's bare chest. Zoran pushes his pants down to release his cock with Peto eagerly begins sucking. His hot mouth enclosed the engorged cock as he sucks. He licks around the head too and then on the shaft as he continues to work on that rock hard cock. Zoran runs his hands over his own chest as he enjoys the hot mouth on his cock. After sucking for a while Peto kisses Zoran again and then he gets naked as Zoran drops to his knees and begins to suck cock. Zoran takes Peto's stiff dick in his mouth and sucks hard. He wanks the cock too as Peto tweaks his own nipples. The cock goes deep into Zoran's mouth as his head moves back and forth. Standing up again Zoran kisses Peto again who then turns and presents his ass. Zoran's thick cock pushes into the waiting hole and starts to fuck. He fucks hard into Peto's hole making him moan with pleasure. Zoran holds Peto's hips as he thrusts his rock hard cock so deep into the eager aass hole. He pounds the hot hole as Peto's dick stays rock hard too. Then he pulls out and then kiss once more. Peto then lays on the stool with his legs up for Zoran to fuck him some more. Peto moans even louder as he takes that dick in his hole. He grabs his own cock and wanks it while being fucked deep. After fucking like that they move to the bed so they can spoon. Zoran's cock slams in and out of Peto's eager hole as he wanks himself. The feeling of that thick cock in his ass forces the cum from Peto's cock. He milks himself dry as Zoran continues to fuck his ass. Then Zoran is ready to cum too and he pulls out to shoot his hot load onto Peto thigh. Then they kiss again to end a great scene.