Hugo & Jeremy RAW - Cherry Busting

Hot, hairy and heavily bearded Hugo Brtnik gets his cherry well and truly busted bu Jeremy Robbins. Sitting on the bed he answers a few questions from Jeremy, explaining that he has no experience of sex with another guy. Then, after agreeing to try he moves over to kiss Jeremy. Things are set up nicely and Jeremy suggests they start with some sucking. He kisses Hugo again and pulls off his tee shirt to reveal that awesome hairy chest. Hugo then pulls off Jeremy's tee shirt too. That is followed by Jeremy removing Hugo' jeans and taking hold of the exposed cock. He wanks on the cock as he kisses Hugo on the mouth and then sucks a nipple. Jeremy moves lower and takes teh swelling cock into his mouth and starts to suck hard. Hugo's runs a hand over Jeremy's silky skin as he feels the hot mouth on his cock. Jeremy keeps working hard on that beautiful cock. Then the removes his jeans and, kneeling, presents his dick for sucking. Hugo quickly shows that he is up to the task, taking the dick into his mouth . His hot mouth slides up and down on the cock. Then Jeremy's hips start thrusting, to fuck that cock into Hugo's mouth. Hugo sucks the cock, licking the head too. Jeremy pulls his head onto his big cock as it slides deep into the hot mouth. He fucks the mouth hard and then has Hugo suck his balls too. Then Jeremy pulls out of the mouth and they kiss again. Hugo moves onto his keens, presenting his hairy ass hole. Jeremy's rock hard cock slides into the tight hole and starts to fuck. Hugo takes it well as that big dick opens his hole while fucking deep inside. The thrusting hips slide that dick deep into the virgin holeas Hugo reaches back and spreads his ass further. With a slap on that hot ass Jeremy pulls out and turns Hugo over. He kisses Hugo again and slides his dick back into that hot hole. Jeremy works his hips to thrust the cock hard into the ass as Hugo grimaces. Hugo moans as he takes that throbbing cock in his hole. As he takes that cock Hugo grabs his own and wanks it. He continues wanking as he is being fucked and soon he unloads his cum onto that hairy body. Then Jeremy pulls out of the hot ass and dumps his cum too, shooting it over Hugo's hot body. Then he leans forward and they kiss again.