Wank Party #114, Part 2 RAW - Wank Party

Wank Party #114 features Misko Sinak, Alexandr Jander, Mkchal Renok and Filda Daneska. In this second part we join the action as Filda and Alexandr are rimming asses. Michal and Misko have their legs over their jead and asses in the air to take those tongues. Then they lower their asses to lay on their backs and take dicks in their holes. Alexandr's cock slides deep into Michal's hot hole as Misko takes Filda's dick in his. They lay side by side as Alexander and Misko fuck hard into their hot asses. Lot's of moaning is heard as the big cocks stretch the holes wide and fuck nice and depp. Alexandr pulls out and then slides his big cock back into Michal's ass. FIlda's hips thrust hard as he pounds Miskp's ass too. The rock hard cocks slam into the eager holes as hard as they can. Then it is all change as partners are swapped. With Misko kneeling and bent over Alexander climbs on and fuck his dick deep into the waiting hole. Filda kneels too and takes Michal's cock in his ass. That fat cock stretches the hole wide as Michal fucks deep into the ass. Alexandr's ass cheeks are spread as he pounds Miisko's ass hard. Then they change positions once more with Filda riding Michal's fat cock as Misko lays on his back again and received Alexandr's dick deep in his ass. He wanks his own cock hard and shoots the cum onto his belly as Alexandr slams his cock deep into that hole. Alexandrs continues to fuck that ass as Misko keeps up his wanking. Filda wanks himself too as Michals huge cock works his hole. That big dick glides so easily in and out of the hot ass. Alexandr is ready to cum too and pulls out to shoot his hot load over Misko. He milks himself dry and leans forward to kiss Misko as Filda wanks himself hard as he takes Michal's cock. Then Filda kneels to take Michal's cum in his mouth. He sucks the sticky cock with cum hanging on his chin as Alexander, still rock hard, runs hands over his back.