Radek & Jeremy RAW - Full Contact

Jeremy Robbins is listening to some music, and jioining in too when Radek Cerveny arrives. He is soon kissing Jeremy, leaning over to kiss his chest too. Turned on, Jeremy turns around and kneels to kiss Radek's chest too. He then starts to wank and suck on Radek's rock hard cock. He reaches round and rubs Radek's ass too as he sucks on the stiff cock. Then Jeremy sucks Radek's balls as well. He wanks the cock and Radek thrusts his hips to fuck the cock into the eager mouth. The hot lips enclose the cock as Jeremy continues to suck . He licks around the cock head too as Radek rubs over Jeremy's head. Then Jeremy lays back and Radek kneels beside him to suck his cock. Jeremy's cock is rock hard as Radek's mouth works on it. He licks up and down that thick shaft and sucks on the head. Then they kiss again before Radek retuns to sucking on that big cock. Then he removes Jeremy's jeans and straddles him to slide his hot ass down on the waiting cock. Radek's hole opens up and takes that fat cock deep inside. He rides up and down on the big cock taking it balls deep in his ass. Jeremy fucks his cock up into the hot hole as he holds Radek's ass cheeks. His big cock works that hole hard. Then Radek slides off the cock and kisses Jeremy again before kneeling and presenting his ass for more fucking. Jeremy slides his throbbing cock back into the eager hole and starts to fuck. His big dick works the ass hole hard. The thrusting hips slam Jeremy's cock deep into the waiting hole as the fucking gets faster. Radek's dick is rock hard as he is fucked. Then he turns onto his back, with his legs in the air to get more deep fucking. He grabs his own cock and wanks it as Jeremy continues fucking him. With that big cock fucking hard into his ass Radek's cock releases the hot, creamy, cum onto his belly. He milks himself dry as Jeremy continues to fuck. Then he pulls out of that ass and dumps his hot cum onto Radek's sexy body. Leaning forward he then kisses Radek again.