Adrian & Martin RAW - Cherry Busting

Martin Hovor is in for a treat as he gets to bust Adrian Juren's cherry. They relax and chat on the bed as Martin asks Adrian about his experience. Martin suggests they might try kissing and then lead on to other things. He leans forward and begins to kiss Adrian, at the same time opening his shirt. Adrian's shirts is removed and Martin tells him to lay back. He opens Adrian's jeans and pulls them off and then returns to kissing him. Then Martin removes Adrina's boxer shorts too and starts to rub the exposed cock and balls. He takes the cock in his mouth and begins to suck on it. That cock quickly gets hard from Martin's attention as his mouth mouth takes it all. Martin comes off the cock to remove his tee shirt, then he goes back down on it again. That cock is rock hard as Martin's head bobs up and down on it. Adrian rubs Martin\s arm as he lays back and enjoys being sucked. After a while Martin kneels up and slides his jeans down to release his own cock. Adrian leans forward and takes the throbbing cock in his mouth. He sucks on it moving his head back and forth. He licks around the big cock head and takes it deep into his mouth as Martin's hard pull him onto it. Martin's balls are tight at the base of the shaft as Adrian keeps sucking and wanking. His tongue comes out to lick at the big cock and then he feels Martin thrusting it into his mouth. Adrian lays down and Martin climbs over him, head to toe, so they can suck each other. Having enjoyed sucking each other Adrian moves onto his knees and presents his hot ass for Martin's dick to slide deep inside. That big cock works deep into the virgin ass and starts to fuck. Martin's fucking motion is slow at first, as the big dick works in and out of the tight hole. Then he speeds up, shoving that big cock hard into the tight hole. Adrian takes that big cock so well and feels a few slaps on his ass too. Then Martin pulls out for Adrian to turn over onto his back. His legs are in the air as Martin's dick slides back into the hot hole. Adrian wanks himself as he takes the big cock in his ass. Martin's thrusting hips work that dick so deep into Adrian's ass, fucking hard. He poiunds the ass hard and fast as Adrians wanking forces the cum from his cock, shooting it onto he sexy body. Martin continues to fuck that hole as hard as he can until he is ready too. then he pulls out and wanks himself until his hot cum shoots all over Adrian. He milks his cock dry as Adrian rubs the tight balls. Then Martin leans forward so they can kiss again.