Ben & Radek - Screen Test RAW

Our cute newcomer Ben Stolar sits on the bed and is asked some questions, and admits to wanting to try something he hasn't done before. It is suggested that he might try something with another guy, and is soon joined by Radek Cerveny who starts to kiss him. Ben responds to the kissing and starts to feel Radek's body too. They help each other remove tee shirts and Radek kisses Ben's chest. As they kiss they rub each other's groin. Then Radek takes off his jeans, releasing his rock hard cock. Ben quickly shows how eager he is as he takes the cock in his mouth for sucking. The hot mouth works all over Radek's throbbing cock, sucking it hard. Ben licks up and down the shaft and sucks hard on the head, encouraged by Radek. Then Ben's jeans are removed, giving access to his stiff cock too. Radek takes the cock in his mouth, sucking noisily. He licks all over the shaft and sucks the cock so well. Then, with that cock rock hard Radek straddles Ben and sits his ass down on it . The hot hole takes that dick deep inside as Radek rides up and down. He moans as the cock works deep into his hot hole. Ben thrusts upwards, fucking as deep as he can go. Changing position Radek lays on his back with his legs up as Ben's dick fucks him hard. He moans as he wanks himself while his hole is pounded deep by Ben. Moaning more loudly Radek shoots his hot cum up his body onto his chest as his ass is being fucked. He milks his cock dry as Ben continues to fuck his ass. Radek moves onto his knees for Ben to pound his hole from behind. That dick works deep into the hot ass as Ben's hips thrust. Radek keeps up his moaning as Ben fucks as hard as he can. Then Ben pulls out to unload his hot cum too before they kiss again.