Alexandr & Tony RAW - Czech Up

Alexandr Jander visiits Dr Tony Milak for a Czech Up today. He still has an injury which Tony says he will soon fix it. Sitting on the table Alexandr removes his tee shirt so that Tony can check his shoulders. He lifts one arm and then the other behind Alexandr's head. Then Alexandr puts both hands behind his head and twists his back as Tony keeps checking. Tony decides and a deep massage might be required. Alexandr lays, face down, on the table so that the doctor can work his magic, hopefully. Tony begins to work on the injured back, checking the spine and then massaging and pressing down. He moves up to the neck too and works on that. Then he pulls Alexandr's shorts down and starts to massage the sexy ass cheeks too. He leans down and kisses that ass and then begins to lick the tight hole too. Alexander turns over, removing his shorts in the process. Then Tony leans down and starts to suck and Alexandr's cock. That cock soon is rock hard as the hot mouth works on it. Tony wanks the cock too and goes back to sucking it. Alexandr moans as he hot mouth works on his big dick. As he enjoys his cock being sucked he reaches out to take hold of Tony's dick too and then begins to suck it. Tony strips naked and climbs over Alexandr so they can suck each other. His head bobs up and down on Alexandr's cock as his own dick is being sucked. Then Alexandr moves onto his knees and feels Tony's throbbing cock pushing deep into his tight hole. He moans as the rock hard cock fucks hard into that hot hole. Tony's hips thrust back and forth as he fucks Alexandr's ass with deep, long, strokes. His big cock stretches the hole wide as he fucks and he gives the sexy ass a slap too. Then Alexandr lays on his back, legs up, to take that cock in his hole some more. Tony fucks him as Alexandr starts pulling on his own cock. Alexandr pulls Tony down to kiss him. Then he wanks himself hard as Tony keeps fucking hard. Alexandr soon shoots his hot load onto his left thigh as Tony continues to pound his ass as hard as he can. Then he pulls out of that ass and wanks to release his cum too. Leaning forward he kisses Alexandr again.