Libor & Nicolas RAW - Full Contact

Libor Boucek is making some breakfast when he is joined by Nicolas Daner whose idea of helping is for them to kiss. Libor turns around so they can kiss and fee each other. As they continue kissing Nicolas removes Libor's tee shirt and then licks and kisses his chest and nipples. He works his way down Libor's body, to the bulging shorts. Pulling the shorts down Nicolas releases Libor's swollen cock. He takes that cock in his mouth and starts to suck it. Libor's dick gets so hard as Nicolas sucks and takes it deep into his mouth. Nicolas licks Libor's balls as well as he keeps up with the sucking. Libor pulls Nicolas' head onto his cock. Then he starts fucking that dick hard into the eager mouth. His hips thrust hard as his cock goes all the way into Nicolas' mouth. As he keeps sucking Nicolas also comes off the cock and wanks it some too. Libor's hairy balls are tight at the base of his shaft as he enjoys being sucked by an expert. Then Libor bends Nicolas over the counter and pulls his shorts down so that the sexy ass is available. Libor's hot tongue find the hot hole and starts licking it. He rims Nicolas' hole, giving the ass a little spank too. Then Libor stands and slides his rock hard cock deep into Nicolas hole. He starts to pound that hot fuck hole as hard as he can, grabbing the hips for leverage. That big cock sttretches the hot hole as Libor fucks, pulling out and the shoving deep inside again. Libor grabs Nicolas' hair too as he continues to pound the hot fuck hole. Then Nicolas lays on his back to get that dick in his hole again as he wanks himself. Libor continues fucking deep and hard as Nicolas wanks himself. With the dick deep in his ass Nicolas shoots his hot cum onto his belly. He keeps wanking to milk the cock dry as Libor's dick keeps working his hole. Then Nicolas sucks Libor's cock again, deep throating it as he takes that dick all the way. Then Libor wanks his cock to shoot his hot cum into Nicolas' mouth and over his face. Nicolas sucks the cock to drain the last of the cum from it.