Michal & Hugo RAW - Full Contact

Michale Renok and Hugo Antonin are looking at some photos on the phone. As they do that Hugo massages Michal's shoulders and then he leans over the chair and they start to kiss. Hugo pulls off Michal's shirt and rubs his chest as they conitnue kissing. Hugo's shirt comes off too and he kisses his was down Michal's chest, reaching his jeans. Hugo opens the jeans and pulls out Michal's rock hard cock which he immediately takes in his mouth for sucking. He sucks on the hard cock and wanks it too. Michal's hand goes to the back of Hugo's head pushing it down on his cock as the sucking continues. Michal takes his jeans off and Hugo licks up the shaft of the stiff cock before sucking again. His head bobs on the throbbing cock as Michal lays back and enjoys it. Hugo licks at Michal's balls too and keeps working that cock with his hot mouth. He wanks that fat shaft as he licks it too and then sucks some more. Then he stands and Michal pulls the jeans down so that he can suck cock too. He takes Hugo's rampant rod in his mouth to suck it. Then he licks all over that cock as well. He grips the cock in a hand and wanks it as he keeps sucking and licking. Then Hugo's hips start to thrust, pushing that dick futher into the eager mouth. Hugo pulls Michal's head onto that dick as he shoves it deep into the mouth. They kiss again and Michal moves onto his knees, presenting his sexy ass. Hugo is swift to respond by sliding his rock hard pole into the waiting hole. His cock stretches Michal's tight ass hole and fucks deep inside. Hugo fucks that ass, pulling out and shoving his dick back inside as his hips thrust. He grabs Michal's hair as he continues to fuck the hot ass. Michal takes the dick in his ass so well and after kissing again he lays on his back with his legs up for more fucking. Hugo's big cock really works the tight hole, going so deep inside as he fucks. He kisses Michal as his dick pounds the tight ass. Moving to spoon position his cocn conitnues to fuck hard into Michal's ass. Michal wanks himself too as he takes that dick and quickly shoots his hot cum. He milks his big cock dry as Hugo keeps fucking his sexy ass. Then Hguo pulls out and shoots his cum onto Michal's balls.