Patrik & Dave - Screen Test RAW

Patrik Nalup agreed to a screentest, and for a partner we provided Dave Swanson. After a brief chat with the crew they begin to kiss and help each other get bare-chested. Then they kiss some more as Dave rubs Patrik's groin. He lays on his back so Patrik can kiss all over his chest. Dave pushes his jeans down and Patrik lowers the underwear and begins to lick to cock. He takes Dave's cock into his mouth and sucks it as it gets hard. He sucks on the cock and then the balls as well. Dave lays on his back enjoying the mouth on his cock and as Patrik's tongue licks around the head. Patrik needs his cock sucked too and gets naked, kneeling at Dave's head. Dave takes the cock into his mouth and sucks it. Then Patrik climbs over him, head to toe so they can suck each other. Having done a very nice 69 they move again, so that Patrik can slide his rock hard cock into Dave's eager hole. He fucks that ass deep and then pulls out to examine the hole. His cock is pushed in again so the fucking can continue. Patrik's cock pounds into Dave's ass as he takes it all the way. Then as Patrik sits on the bed Dave slides his ass down on the stiff dick and rides it. Patrik reaches around to wank Dave's cock as his own is deep in the ass hole. Moving again Dave lays on the bed as Patrik fucks him hard. He wanks himself as he takes that dick in his hole. Soon Dave reaches the point of no return and unloads onto his belly. Patrik continues to fuck until he needs to blow too. Pulling out he dumps his cum onto Dave's cock and belly. Then he leans over so they can kiss again.