Ivanek & Alan - Screen Test RAW

Ivanek Ukara and Alan Hemar are checking out some videos on the laptop. As they watch, and listen to all the moaning they begin to kiss. Then they put away the laptop and concentrate on each other. They let their hands run over each other as they kiss with Alan kissing Ivanek's hot body as his jeans are lowered too. That releases his swelling cock which Alan grabs eagerly and begins to suck. His hot mouth sucks on the cock and his tongue licks the shaft and head. Alan wanks on that big cock as he sucks it. The huge cock gets hard in his mouth as he works on it and sucks on Ivanek's balls too. Ivanek lays back and enjoys the sucking, letting out some light moans too. He wanks himself as Alan gets naked and straddles him. Ivanek's takes Alan's stiff dick in his mouth and sucks on it. Alan's balls are groped and rub on Ivanek's chest as the cock is sucked. Ivanek works that throbbing cock with his mouth and tongue for a while then Alan swings around so they can 69. They suck each other's rock hard cock as Alan kneels over Ivanek. Ivanek rubs Alan's sexy ass too as he sucks on the cock. Then Alan moves again, to sit his sexy ass hole down on Ivanek's cock. He rides up and down on that big cock as his hole is stretched wide open. Ivanek's hips thrust as he fucks his huge dick up into the eager hole. Alan's cock stands proudly to attention as his ass takes the big dick all the way. Ivanek's dick works hard into Alan's hot hole as the ass slides up and down on the shaft. Changing position they spoon with Ivanek drilling his dick deep into Alan's ass. Alan wanks his own stiff cock as Ivanek's dick opens his ass so well. With Ivanek's fucking getting faster Alan's wanking speeds up too and he unloads his creamy cum onto his left thigh. He milks his cock dry as Ivanek continues fucking as hard as he can. That fat cock really opens the hole up as he plows so deep inside. Alan is moved onto his knees for Ivanek to fuck him from behind. He takes that big cock so well as Ivanek works his hole, grabbing his hips for leverage. Then Ivanek is ready to cum too and he pulls out to unload his hot cum onto that eager ass.