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Street Hunting - Hugo Antonin RAW - Gonzo

Our Street Hunting cameraman is on the prowl again. This time he finds the very sexy Hugo Antonin sitting in the park. They have a chat and when he finds out that Hugo is short of money the Street Hunter hones in, offering some to see some skin. It seems like easy money so Hugo readily agrees, showing off his hot body. Then they go off exploring, with Hugo then offered more money if he will wank the Street Hunter. After some persuasion, and seeing the money Hugo agrees to that as well. He wanks on the cock, looking around to make sure no-one will see him. Then comes the suggestion of sucking cock, for more money. This time Hugo hardly hesitates. He takes the dick in his mouth and sucks on it as he wanks. He feels the cock get hard in his mouth. But there are too many people around so they go deeper into the trees. After sucking that cock some more Hugo is offered even more money to get his jeans off and take that cock in his ass. Soon he has his hot ass on show, and his cock is rock hard too. He keeps checking that there are no others around as he feels the Hunter's cock slip into his hot ass. Hugo takes that cock very well, his hole being stretched nicely as he bends over. Moving again, to avoid passers-by Hugo lays on his back and the cock goes back into his hot hole to fuck him nice and deep. That dick fucks him good and hard and Hugo feels so good, with his own cock so hard. He wanks himself and soon shoots his load all over his belly.Then he sits up and presents his face to the Hunter's cock as it shoots a huge load all over him. The cum hangs in strings off his chin as Hugo smiles at what he has done, for money.

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