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Martin Merlot - Massage

Martin Merlot is a great looking guy who needs a massage. Laying on the ed, in only his underwear, he is joined by Arny Donan. Arny kneels at the side of Martin and, using oil, gets right to work on massaging him. His hands work all over Martin's back, and then up to the shoulders. Arny pulls the shorts off Martin's ass, so that he can work the lower back some, before moving down to the thighs. He massages the thighs and down to the calf muscles and then removes Martin's underwear. That ass looks so good and Arny quickly gets to work on it. The cheeks part, as he massages, showing Martin's tight, shaved hole. Arny's hands run up and down and between Martin's legs, rubbing against the balls too. Martin moves up, onto his knees. His ass spreads nicely and Arny rubs his hands over the hole, reaching down to the balls and then wanking on Martin's cock. He then starts teasing Martin's ass hole with his fingers, sliding one inside a little. Then the finger goes in deeper, and starts fucking. Martin's cock gets hard too as Arny wanks it. Arny then takes a vibrator and slips it into that tight hole, fucking it in and out as he wanks on Martin's stiff dick. He really works on both the hole and the cock and then turns Martin onto his back. Oil is dripped onto that hot body and Arny rubs it in before taking hold of Martin's cock again and wank it. He cant resist, and leans forward taking the cock in his mouth. Arny knows how to suck and his head bobs up and down on that throbbing cock. It really gets Martin throbbing and ready to blow. A little more wanking forces the cum to shoot right out of that hot cock. Arny milks every last drop out of it as Martin lays there, breathing so heavily after a huge load.

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