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Wank Party 2014 #7, Part 1 RAW - Wank Party

In part one of our latest Wank Party Arny Donan has visitors to his new apartment. They are Tom Vojak, Victor Burek and Jirka Mendez. He proudly starts to give them a tour, starting with his hot tub. Tom and Jirka quickly get naked and into the tub as Arny takes Viktor to show him more of the apartment. As they continue Vitor and Arny start to kiss. Tom and Jirka have similar ideas, and are soon all over each other, kissing and with Jirka wanking on Tom's big cock. The cock looks so good as Jirka begins to suck it. With Tom lifted out of the water, and Jirka bobbing his head up and down on the throbbing cock it all looks so good. Then Jirka sits back and wraps his feet around Tom's cock, with him holding them to wank himself. Jirka is hard too and he lifts himself up, so that Tom can suck him. That sexy body looks so good as Tom works on the cock. He really does a great job on it and then turns around, presenting his hot ass, for some tongue. Jirka gets to work, dipping his tongue in that tight hole, as Tom wanks himself. Meanwhile Arny is working on Viktor, stripping his clothes down, and finding a big, hard dick He takes the cock in his mouth, sucking it all the way. Viktor sits on the stairs and Arny continues to work on his dick. When Arny stands his boxers are bulging and Viktor pulls them down, so that he can taste some cock too. By now Tom and Jirka are standing, kissing and wanking each other. They climb out of the tub and go to join Viktor and Arny. Tom sits and is joined by Arny as Viktor gets together with Jirka. They all kiss and then Tom gets to work on Arny's cock with Jirka doing the same for Viktor. Then they change so that Arny and Viktor are sucking, with Tom's big cock standing so pround as Arny's mouth slides up and down on it. Viktor's mouth licks up and down on Jirka's thick pole and opens to take the head in. Jirka pushes Viktor down again and they kiss and wank each other as Arny sits so that Tom can suck him some more. Arny just loves cock and looks so good as his mouth is open, with Tom's long cock fucking in and out of it. Viktor does a great job on Jirka's cock again, sucking him ready good.

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