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Arny and Libor RAW - Czech Up

In a great Czech Up we find Arny Donan arriving to see Dr Libor Bores. Soldier Arny is there for a routine examination. He unbuttons his shirt so that Libor can listen to his chest. That chest looks so hot and Libor listens, before turning Arny around and listening to the back as well. Libor thinks all seems well, but has to do the complete check. So Arny has to strip off. He goes behind the screen to get naked, as Libor waits. With Arny stripped, to his shorts he sits on the exam chair to have his thick, hairy legs checked. Then he has to remove his underwear too, while Libor puts on some surgical gloves. He checks Arny's balls and cock. He takes a thermometer, inserting it into Arny's cock, to check the temperature. It seems a little high, so a further check is necessary. This time Libor lubes Arny's ass hole and inserts the thermometer and still finds the temperature too high. He decides that Arny's ass needs further investigation. Applying more lube to the hole Libor then slides a finger in. Then a second slips in too. That hot, hairy ass looks so good as Libor stretches the hole with his fingers. As he feels the fingers in his ass Arny gets rock hard. Libor notices and responds by kissing Arny, and taking hold of his cock to wank it. He leans over and sucks the throbbing cock into his mouth. He really sucks it well and fingers Arny's hole again. Then Libor gets naked, exposing his own stiff cock. As he returns to sucking Libor wanks himself. Arny loves his cock being sucked and his hand pushes down on Libor's head. He stands up, so that Libor, on his knees, can suck him even better. Arny wants to taste cock too and he drops to his knees and takes Libor's big dick in his mouth. His head bobs on that cock, and then Libor fucks it deep into the willing throat. Arny loves cock and is soon bent over, taking that big dick deep in his hot ass. They moan as they fuck, with Libor's cock pounding Arny's hairy hole as deep as he can. Changing position Libor sits on the chair and Arny slides his ass down on that throbbing cock. He rides up and down on Libor's dick, as his own cock is wanked. Arny's hole really works on that rampant cock, bouncing up and down on it. Then the guys moves again, with Arny laying across the chair and Libor slamming his cock in and out of the sexy ass. Libor loves a big, hot ass and works his cock in and out, stretching the hole well. Arny wanks on his cock as he takes the dick in his hole. Libor's fucking speeds up really working that ass as Arny shoots his load over his sexy body. Libor continues to pound away a the ass, pulling out to dump his cum over Arny's tight balls. Then he leans over to kiss his sexy patient after a great Czech Up.

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