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Wank Party 2015 #02, Part 1 RAW - Wank Party

In Wank Party 2015 #2 we have a great line-up, with Tom Vojak, Petr Zuska, Matej Borzik, Laco Meido and Kail Kopec. In part one we find Petr and Tom knocking at the door, but getting no response. Tom lets them in with a spare key, finding Laco, Matej and Kail all drunk, and asleep. They notice that Kail's cock is hard as he sleeps. Petr reaches forward and relases the hard cock and the balls. Tom leans over and licks the cock head, before Petr starts sucking it. Then they decide to check out Laco as well, noticing a vibrator on the floor. It seems the guys had been having some fun as they got drunk. Tom and Petr decided to continue the fun, stripping Laco's underwear from him. As he still sleeps they examine his cockand balls and then lift his legs, so they can use the vibrator in his ass. Tom pushes it into that sexy ass and lets Petr fuck the hole with it. Tom stands and pulls out his own cock, which is massive and quite hard. He moves Laco's head so that the cock rests on his lips. The get rouse Laco, whose mouth opens and Tom's cock slips in. With Laco awake he starts sucking on that big cock as Petr rouses Matej. He removes Matej's tee shirt and strips himself to his waist, opening his pants too. Matej starts sucking on Petr's cock as Laco continues to suck Tom. That wake Kail too, who is pleased to see the fun that is going on. He quickly joins the action, presenting his cock for sucking too. Matej tales turns on Petr's and Kail's dicks, sucking one and as he wanks the other. Petr then joins Tom in having Laco suck him, leaving Matej to enjoy Kail's throbbing cock. As they suck Laco and Matej wank each other. Then the guys move so that Laco and Kail are on the sofa, asses presented, having their tight holes rimmed. Tom works his tongue into Laco's ass and Matej does the same to Kail. Kail's hairy hole gets a good licking by Matej and his balls and cock feel Petr's hot mouth too. Tom starts fingering Laco's hole as Matej slips a digit into Kail's ass as well. They are loosening the holes ready for some hot fucking in part 2.

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