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Patrik and Romi - Screen Test - Full Contact

Patrik Maly is a really sexy guy. We brought him in to have his cherry busted, pairing him with Romi Zuska. After a brief chat Romi gets to work, inducting Patrik into the pleasures of guy-guy sex. He begins by kissing him as they run their hands over each other. Romi soon as his mouth filled with Patrik's stiff cock, sucking it hard. His mouth is tight around the cock as his head bobs up and down on it. As he is being sucked Patrik's phone rings and he answers it, to speak to his mother. Romi keeps sucking as Patrik talks, not missing a beat. As he keeps sucking on that sitff cock Patrik gets fully naked. Then it is his turn to show if he can suck. Romi kneels before him and Patrik gets to work on the stiff cock. He shows that he can suck with the best of them, as Romi's hand guides his head. He does a great job on Romi's cock and then is turned over to make his ass available. Romi parts the cheeks and gets his tongue into the hot hole. He rims the hole and then begins to finger it. He gets the hole lubed and loosened a bit then shoves his throbbing cock deep inside. Romi fucks Patrik's ass nice and deep before laying on the bed for Patrik to ride him. Patrik's ass slides down over Romi's cock, taking it all the way. He rides the dick hard before moving to missionary position for Romi to pound his hole some more. Patrik wanks himself as Romi fucks him deep and hard. He moans loudly as Romi fucks him, and soon Patrik's cock delivers a big, creamy load all over his chest. Romi is ready too and pulls out of that sexy ass and dumps his cum over Patrik's sticky cock. Then he leans over and shares a final kiss with Patrik as a great screentest comes to an end.

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