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Wank Party 2015 #09, Part 1 RAW - Wank Party

In Wank Party 2015 #9 we have a very good line-up, Laco Meido, Vaclav Chovanec, Patrik Maly and Denis Develo. In part one we find them enjoying a smoke from a Hookah, a Turkish pipe that is filled with a flavoured tobacco. Vaclav suggests that they should try to pass the smoke from mouth to mouth. Then Laco shows his skill at blowing smoke rings. They enjoy some more passing of smoke from mouth to mouth and then Vaclav begins to kiss Denis. He runs his hands over Denis too and then they kiss again. Laco and Patrik follow that lead and they kiss as well. Soon Denis and Patrik are barechested and Vaclav follows suit. They continue with the kissing and rubbing with Laco licking Patrik's nipples. Then it is time for everyone to lose their pants with Denis and Patrik being the first to do so. There cocks are already quite hard as we first see them. Vaclavs big thick cock is swelling too as his jeans come off. Laco returns to kissing Patrik and then starts sucking on his hard cock. Vaclav goes down on Denis'dick too sucking it real good. Denis and Patrik kiss as they feel the hot mouths working on their throbbing cocks. Vaclav and Laco keep up the sucking, with Laco licking Patrik's balls too. Then Denis sits up and kisses Vaclav again, taking hold of his cock and wanking. Laco kisses Patrik again and then returns to sucking on his cock. Denis lays on his side so that he can share Patrik's rock hard cock as his own is sucked by Vaclav. Denis then moves onto his knees, wanking Patrik and sucking on Laco's stiff dick as he also gets Vaclav's tongue in his ass. Denis'cock is in Patriks mouth, feeling so good as he continues sucking Laco. Then Denis puts Patrik's and Laco's dicks together and sucks on both of them while Vaclav continues to rim his hot hole, getting it ready for more in Part Two.

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