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Mattias and Laco - Full Contact

Laco Meido is taking a shower, his cock rock hard as the water cascades down his body. He looks so hot and horny as he enjoys the hot water running over his big cock and his tight balls. There is a knock on the door and he calls out to someone to wait a minute. Then he leaves the shower, wrapping a shower around his waist, and goes to open the door. It is Mattias Solich who has been knocking. Laco invites him in and they start to kiss as Mattias removes the towel. He kisses down Laco's body, sucking on his nipples as he takes hold of the hard cock and gently wanks it. He reaches the cock and starts to lick and suck it. He takes the throbbing cock in his mouth and sucks it making Laco feel so good. Then they move into the living room and Laco pushes Mattias down onto the sofa and kisses him. Mattias removes his tee shirt, exposing his massive chest. His jeans are opened to reveal his stiff cock too. Laco eagerly sucks on that cock, wrapping his lips tight around the head. As he sucks on Mattias cock Laco also runs his hands over the sexy body. Mattias' jeans are removed too, and Laco licks all over the this shaft of his cock. Mattias pushes Laco's head down on his thick cock, and he sucks it deeper into his mouth. His head bobs on that cock enjoying it all. Then Mattias lifts his legs to expose his hot hole. Laco's tongue gets right to work on that hole, lapping at it. He licks the hole and sucks the cock some more. Then he presents his cock to the hole, rubbing against it and pushing deep inside. Mattias moans as he feels his ass filled by Laco's rampant dick. Mattias grabs his own cock and rubs it as his ass gets a nice slow fucking. Laco speeds up his fucking working that hole real good. Mattias' cock stays fock hard and he wanks it as Laco fucks him. Laco leans over and kisses Mattias again as he keeps up with the fucking. His cock is so deep in that hot ass as Mattias' balls are tight against his shaft. Mattias turns over, onto his knees, with Laco behind him fucking him deep. He really works that hole and then pulls out to lay down so that Mattias can ride that dick. His hot ass envelopes the throbbing cock, sliding up and down on it. As he rides on Laco's cock Mattias wanks himself and shoots his hot cum over his friends sexy body. Then he comes off the cock and licks Laco's balls. Laco wanks his meat as Mattias sucks on the balls, and soon the hot cum explodes out of the cock and shoot up that sexy body. Laco milks every last drop out of his cock and Mattias leans over and kiss him again to end a very hot session.

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