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Radan and Alex RAW - Full Contact

We brought Radan Flex and Alex Stan, two very hot guys, in for a Dream Set. We find them playing a video game. Alex loses the game and to console him Radan pulls him close and starts to kiss him. Alex loves that and responds eagerly. They help each other off with their tee shirts revealing two very hot chests. As they continue to kiss they have their hands in jeans and playing with each other's cocks. Alex's jeans are pushed down and his stiff cock hoves into view. Radan wanks it as Alex moves onto his knees. That allows Radan to take the stiff cock into his mouth and suck on it. Alex moans with pleasure as the hot mouth works on his cock. Having sucked that throbbing cock a while Radan moves up to kiss Alex again. Then Radan's jeans come off too and his own dick sticks out in front of him. Alex wanks it as they kiss some more. Then he takes it in his mouth to suck it. Radan grabs Alex's head and fucks his cock into the mouth. Then Alex licks up and down the shaft, sucking on the balls as well. They move to a 69 with Radan on top, sucking each other real well. Radan licks the balls as well then goes back to sucking on Alex's dick. he moves onto his knees and fucks his cock into Alex's mouth. Alex takes it all the way down his throat. Then Radan leans over, pulling Alex's ass in the air so he can rim the hot hole and spank the ass. His tongue laps at the hot hole making Alex moan. Then they move again, kissing and then Alex presents his ass for some cock. He moans loudly as Radan's dick fucks into his hot ass. Alex can take cock real well and Radan fucks him nice and deep. He pounds away at the hot hole, stretching it wide. Alex takes that cock so well. He lays on the sofa with Radan between his legs fucking his hole some more. Radan really bangs away at the hole as Alex wanks his own stiff dick. As Radan keeps up his pounding of the hole Alex wanks himself and shoots his big load. Then Radan is ready too and he pulls out to shoot his cream over Alex's cock and balls. He leans forward and they kiss again bringing a hot, steamy, session to an end.

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