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Alex and Roco - Screen Test RAW - Full Contact

Alex Bonero and Roco Rita are relaxing on the bed, as Alex checks his phone. Roco has other ideas and begins to kiss Alex as they both get bare-chested. They grope each other and continue to kiss. Then they open each other's jeans to release hard cocks and Alex works his way down to take Roco's big dick in his mouth. He sucks on the big, fat, cock as Roco's hands rub all over him. Roco takes off his jeans and Alex returns to sucking on the big dick. Roco then returns the favor, his mouth wrapped tight around Alex's rock hard cock. Alex reaches round and wanks Roco as he is being sucked. They keep kissing too as Roco wanks on Alex's cock. Then he climbs over Alex and they enjoy a nice 69. As Alex sucks on Roco his own cock and balls are worked well by the hot mouth. Then Roco lays on his back, with his legs up, for Alex to slide his throbbing cock into the waiting ass. Roco grabs his own cock and wanks it hard as Alex fucks him deep. As he wanks Roco is quick to shoot a big cumshot right up his belly, with Alex's cock deep in his hole. Alex continues to fuck that hot ass as Roco milks the cum from his cock. Then Roco turns onto his belly for Alex to fuck him some more. Alex's dick really pounds on Roco's ass, going in right up to the balls. He keeps fucking that sss and dumps his hot cum deep inside. Then he pulls out and spreads the cheeks as Roco pushes the creamy cum out of his hole. After such a hot session they go off to the shower to clean up.

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