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Wank Party #81, Part 1 RAW - Wank Party

Wank Party #81 features str8 guys Nikol Monak, Jakub Smolik, Viktor Adam, Kuba Neval and Martin Hovor. In this first part we see Vktor, Martin, Jakub and Kuba enter, dressed in only underwear, their fit bodies glistening. The all start flexing and showing off their great bodies. As they pose Nikol Monak arrives to check their poses, as he is going to do a photoshoot with them. Then all keep flexing as Nikol takes his photos. Then the guys start to oil each other making the hot bodies glisten. But so much oil means they have to get naked to preserve the underwear. Martin squirts oil over the cocks and balls. Then they rub it into each other. All the contact gets the guys turned on and they begin to kiss. Then as cocks start to get hard Martin drops to his knees and suck Jakub. Viktor follows his lead and is soon sucking Kuba's stiff cock. Then Martin and Viktor stand up so that Jakub and Kuba can go down and suck too. Swapping partners Kuba moves to suck Martin and Viktor works on Jakub's dick. Nikol returns and see what is happening and soon gets naked too, so that he can join in. Everyone crowds around him feeling his body. Martin drops to his knees and suck Nikol's big cock. Then he moves on to suck all the others in turn. Kuba takes his place and takes a turn on all the stiff cocks. He is loving the cocks and keeps switching back and forth between them. Then he stands and is replaced by Jakub who works his mouth over each dick in turn. Kuba then lays down and Jakub climbs over him to 69, as Nikol licks the sexy hole. Vitor presents his ass too and Martin rims it as well, setting things up nicely for part 2.

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