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Filip Sebek - Helping Hand

Filip Sebek is aged 21 and lices in Teplice. This very sexy straight guy is a waiter who enjoys sports, athletics and soccer. He looks very good indeed as he sits on the sofa for his interview. Then Filip leans back and begins to feel his body. He removes his sweather to show off a very nice chest. He also opens his jeans and reaches inside with one hand as the other runs over his chest. He is soon joined by a helping hand who stands behind him and begins to massage oil into that sexy chest. As the hands work on his chest Filip massages his underwear, feeling his hardening cock. Filip Cervenka is the helping hand and he pulls off Filip's jeans. The underwear bulges with that hard cock and soo the hands are on it, pulling the balls out too. Then the stiff cock is poking out the waistband and is coated in oil. The underwear is removed and more oil is applied to the big, hard, cock. Then hand take hold of the cock and wank it gently, rubbing the balls too. Then Filip's legs are pulled into the air, showing off his ass and the tight hole. His cock is wanked as one hand rubs over that tight hole. Then the cheeks are pulled wide apart, to really show the hole. More oil is applied and rubbed over the ass. Then a finger slips into the tight hole and begins to fuck it. It goes in deep and really works the hole. Filip's rock hard cock is wanked all the while and soon two fingers are deep in his ass. As the fingers stretch his hole his cock is wanked hard and fast and soon delivers the creamy cum. The fingers are so deep in the ass as that cum shoots all over the place. The cock is milked to get every last drop of hot cum. Then Filip goes off to the shower to clean up.

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